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DjangoCon Europe 2023

·1 min

At this year’s DjangoCon Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland, I delivered a talk about how my first big Django project1, has resurfaced as part of AURA, a new open source software suite for radio automation.

The evolution of a Website into a radio automation back-end

Getting my proposal accepted in the first place, was a dream come true for me.

But being allowed to deliver it as a pre-recorded video made it even better.

To be honest, I don’t know how I would have handled speaking in front of such a big audience.

I want to write a blog post about the talk and the project AURA, with more details with some of the graphics I prepared, but wasn’t able to fit in the 25 minutes of the talk.

The evolution of admin, models, views and serializers

Here are the slides (23MB)

Here is the video (21 minutes).

  1. It was called pv for Programmverwaltung, German for Programme Management, and it was originally intended to display the shows and the programme of Radio Helsinki, in daily and weekly views, on their website.

    It’s actually still behind the current website↩︎