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My 2023 in review

·2 mins

This is going to be a short one.

Not the best way to start this blog. 🤦


The project AURA is finally getting some steam and although our initial target to deploy it during the (European) summer of 2024 may slip into the fall, I’m confident that the work we’re doing will lead to a first beta release in the next year.

I’m the lead developer of two components of the project and they have been my occupation this year.

  • steering, the “source of truth” for AURA, and
  • tank, the import and playlist daemon of AURA.

Releases #

We managed to make two alpha releases this year.

We wanted to make a third one before the end of the year, but we ultimately decided to push the release into the first week of January, after we’re all back to work.

Talks #

This year I got the chance to present AURA not only at DjangoCon Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland, but also at DjangoCon US in Durham.

It sounds cliché but it’s actually true: This was a dream come true to me, since I attended my first DjangoCon in Amsterdam in 2011.

Both presentations were delivered as pre-recorded videos and I’m very thankful to both organizing teams for all their patience.

For the slides and the videos, head over to /talks/.